Trang Bạch Liên (Lien Bach Trang)


Geriatrician, Internist
Weston Dr  Pittsburgh, PA 15241
Homephone:  (412) 854 4589

*  2018-08-04:

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Website về tang lễ của Trang Bạch Liên:

Pittsburgh VA Health System
University Drive C
Pittsburgh, PA 15240
Pennsylvania, USA 
Phone: 412-688-6000


Con trai của Bạch Liên ( đă viết trên facebook sáng ngày 18-7-2019: như sau:

It is with great sadness that I share that my mom, Lien Trang passed away unexpectedly this past Saturday 7/14/18. I have never known a more selfless, thoughtful, kind, funny, and inspiring woman, and we are completely heartbroken. Despite this being a very difficult time, we have been lifted up by the love and affection that people had for her. We are especially bolstered by the stories that people have shared. Literally every single person has mentioned some way that she has helped them, without ever asking for anything in return, always thinking of others before herself. My dad Phuong Doan, sister Michele Bieltz, and I were so lucky to have had her in our lives, and it's hard to imagine what the years will look like going on without her.

We will be holding a funeral service here in Pittsburgh at 10:30am this Saturday 7/21/18 at the St. Louise De Marillac Parish.

In lieu of gifts or flowers we would like to ask that you donate to the National Parks. My mom had a deep love of our country's natural places, and I know she would love to see our parks see some support

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